Improves Eyesight

The Human Growth Hormone and Vision

The deterioration in vision is one of the most common and detrimental ills associated with aging. Cataract and Glaucoma are a few of the visual problems that the elderly might have to face. Recent studies in the field of eyesight resurrection suggest that the Human Growth Hormone might be an important tool to repair and rejuvenate the eyesight lost due to aging. Yes, reports indicate that the HGH might even be able to repair eye damage in addition to improvement in sharpness, color, focus and adaptation to darkness.

How Does HGH Work?

HGH has been known to help increase muscle strength. The eyes too have muscles that hold the lenses, called the pupils. The fundamental reason for the degeneration of vision is the hardening of the pupils, which then prohibits its dilation and impairs vision. The HGH can strengthen papillary muscles and thus prevent its hardening and improve focus and vision. HGH also controls and limits macular degeneration that has been known to cause blindness in as many as 15 million Americans. In macular degeneration, the cells in retina get weak, causing coning of vision gradually resulting in complete vision loss.

Many clinical studies have been undertaken which study the activity of IGF-1, the insulin-like growth factor that acts as the mediator of the effects of HGH on infants and babies. IGF-1 has been proven to be responsible for development of vision of the fetus. It also prevents retinopathy in premature babies. The literature on the effects of IGF and HGH on adults is however still incomplete as it is an ongoing field of research.

The Opinion of the Users

HGH, apart from repairing impaired vision, has been primarily used among the elderly towards the regeneration of muscles and overall well being. A few of these patients have noticed the positive effects of HGH on eyesight too. The numbers of such patients is still fairly low as most people argue that the benefits have been so subtle that is hardly noticeable. Thus more research needs to be carried out in this field to draw conclusive results on the benefits of HGH. The HGH has the potential to improve the strength of papillary muscles and prevent macular degeneration, and can work wonders in helping the elderly suffering from degeneration of eyesight. The other benefits of HGH claimed by many towards its aid in improving night vision and dispelling fears that it may cause more harm than good can only be certified with more clinical research in the field. The HGH can be a natural and safe method of improving vision in people.