Increases Hair Growth

HGH and Hair Loss Treatment

In addition to the advantages HGH brings in the physical and mental well being among the ageing group, it has also been observed to have a few positive effects on the cosmetic aspects of the human body. It has been observed that the HGH therapy helps in maintaining a more youthful appearance of skin and also reduce hair related problems. The HGH has often been touted as a wonder remedy which not just prevents hair loss, but also encourages growth of hair and prevents its graying. This is why HGH has often been termed as “The Fountain of Youth”.

What causes hair loss?

As age progresses, the rate of hair fall overtakes the growth of new hair, thus reducing the density of hair. Genetics can also be blamed for hair loss and is 80 % of the cases of balding among men. The environmental factors also contribute towards hair loss among men. These factors are pollution, dietary errors, heat, smoking, etc. and this condition is referred to as ‘Androgenetic Alopecia’ or the male pattern of balding.

“Androgenetic Alopecia” is attributed to increase in the levels of DHT (Di- Hydro-Testosterone) which shortens the hair growth phase. Testosterone is converted into DHT by an enzyme called the 5-alpha reductase. Upon the formation, the DHT acts on the scalp by destroying the hair on the crown and temple areas by making them thin and eventually fall out. The site where the DHT acts becomes unable to generate new hair and this leads to eventual balding. Human Growth Hormone inhibits the production of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase that is responsible for formation of DHT by testosterone. As the levels of DHT reduce in the scalp, the hair loss and hair damage is also considerably reduced.

How HGH promotes hair growth

The graying of hair and its loss are tell-tale signs of aging. It is no secret that everyone wishes to have healthy dark hair and this is what keeps the marketplace full of products like hair dyes, hair colors, baldness remedies, hair oils etc that claim to prevent hair loss. In addition to these methods there are hair transplant surgeries. These options are however unnatural and temporary, as they do not administer the root cause of the problem. The HGH therapy can result in preventing hair loss and graying while promoting hair growth through a completely natural way initiated by the body and not influenced by external objects or ingredients. A study by Wisconsin Medical College carried out on 300 participants concluded that one third of the participant found the color and texture of the hair had improved and others reported growth of new hair. In another experiment on animals, by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, hair growth was attributed to the action of HGH on intermediate follicles and helped in making them appear younger.

Advantages of using HGH for hair care

The reasons for why HGH is a superior method of hair loss control and therapy is due to the fact that HGH is a naturally occurring hormone and due to this, the side-effects of its use is also limited. The other products in the market that act on DHT often interfere with the production of testosterone. This most certainly leads to many severe side effects like loss of sexual desire and libido. The action of HGH is on the inhibition on the production of the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT.