Increases Muscle Mass

Increase Muscle Mass – HGH and Body Building

The HGH has been long used by the body builders towards gaining muscle strength and increasing physical enhancement. The HGH therapy towards adding mass to your physique is fundamentally different than the method used by administering of steroids. The number of muscles in our body is limited to our genetic structure and the most one can do with the help of steroids is to increase the size of these cells. However, the use of HGH helps in increasing the numbers of these cells and it enables new muscle growth and reverses the genetic disposition.

HGH primary function is to raise the level of metabolism in the body. The weight gain through the use of HGH is only and only through the lean muscles that is added onto your body. The HGH muscle growth is slow and gradual, unlike that in the steroid use. The weight gained with steroids is mostly through the water retained, while in HGH, it is only lean mass. The weight gained with HGH is about one or two pound on muscle each week, which is slow but sustainable. Since the metabolism with HGH is higher, it means fewer restrictions on the diet of the body builders and they can afford to eat a bit more and burn it equally easily.

HGH not only adds lean muscle, but also reduces recovery time between workouts and enhances performance. The HGH has been seen to strengthen ligaments and joints and helps in quicker recovery from injury and damaged tissue. Protein anabolism is also associated with HGH. HGH also has the function of controlling the activity of other hormones. HGH has been known to suppress the abilities of insulin to stimulate the uptake of glucose in tissues. This result in enhanced glucose synthesis in the liver, and can create a state of hyperinsulinemia. Another benefit for body builders is that it enhances protein synthesis and thus increasing the amount of anabolic steroids that can be effectively used by the body due to the rise in the amount of insulin in it.

Using HGH To Increase Muscle Mass And Strength

The HGH can help building muscle mass and strength even when it might seem that you have reached the very limit of your body. The action of HGH is slower than other steroids but way more natural and thus more sustainable. This is because, the muscles are produced naturally in the body and not though inflating them by absorbing more water. The workout required for gaining muscles is also lesser than that in steroids. All you need to do is eat well, carry out light exercise and get a nice toned body. This was possible without any supplements when we were young as enough growth hormone was produced by our body itself that took care of body and muscle growth. With age however, the amount of HGH naturally produces comes down. Fortunately, HGH is available in external dosages that can be administered through an injection. With HGH you can reach that optimal level of human growth hormone that made your body and efficient piece of muscle-building machinery in your younger years. Once again, you can obtain the perfect body as easily as you did in your late teens and early twenties, through HGH therapy injections.

The Role of HGH in Muscle Building

HGH is a hormone that has a major role to play in maintenance and the healing of most of our body’s systems. It produces new cells and tissues like new cartilage, increases bone density, and the number of muscle cells. It also assists in uptake of proteins and decreases its oxidation, and can accelerate the rate at which fat is burned in our bodies. HGH replacement helps in optimal distribution of amino acids that are the basic building blocks of our bodies. This optimal distribution of amino acids helps in more efficient protein synthesis and this translated to easier building of muscles in the body.

The effects of HGH are not restricted to building muscle. It also aids body sculpting through a more efficient burning of fat in your body. The use of HGH, when combined with a proper diet helps in burning away of fat stored in some areas. The tissue repair and recovery is also much more efficient with HGH. The muscles built through HGH are far less injury prone too, as they are much stronger. The more resistant and quickly healing tissue and muscles is of particular importance to an athlete, as it can really set him/her back while training. HGH plays an important role in improving an athlete’s ability to resist injury and helps the body repair damage more efficiently and thus helps boosting his/her confidence in a major way.

Who should use HGH

Any person who lifts weight and seeks to increase his muscle mass and concentration has seen the plethora of products that have flooded the marketplace. All these products promise an overnight quick fix and magic pills that will add muscles without any work. Hardly any of these work, and the ones that actually do, have a lot of side effects to be dealt with. HGH is an effective, safe and lasting therapy in building muscles. It is ideal for the use by athletes who wish to build muscles. Other recreational users hoping for more sculpted body without wasting hours and hours in the gym can also benefit from its use, if combined with a proper diet. Apart from the use by the athletes and body builders, HGH has also found users among the aged, as it has enhanced their rapidly deteriorating physical strength, libido, mental well being and even helped them look young through skin therapy and preventing hair loss. This is for this reason often referred to as the “fountain of youth”. HGH is truly beneficial for a variety of users and for the body builders, it helps them reach the peak of their fitness and muscle strength levels relatively easily and safely than other methods.

Dosing HGH for Muscle Body building

A dose of 4-8 iu’s per day is necessary for building muscles and gaining substantial improvement in body composition. It has been found that most people respond well to these doses and gain the maximum in terms of muscle strength when taking them regularly while weight training.