Stops Muscle Wasting

Stop Muscle Wasting with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy in Cachexia

Cachexia is a kind of atrophy caused by malnutrition. This is generally observed in people who are suffering from anorexia or in people suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapeutic treatment. Since there is a certain level of diet loss in anorexia patients, it is essential for their body to receive the right proportion of nutrients required by their body and maintain muscle strength in the desired manner. The problem with cancer patients that have been receiving is that they undergo considerable loss of muscle and lose their diet due to the feeling of nausea.

Human body utilizes the intake of carbohydrates to produce energy that is required to survive. So, when your body does not get the desired level of energy, then the existing fat of your body burns out to produce energy. When this reserve replenishes, the body of people starts burning the muscles to produce energy. The condition when your body suffers a loss of at least 10% of the standard body weight. Conditions of fatality have also been observed when muscle deterioration occurs beyond a certain level. HGH is generally used in the treatment of muscle loss as encountered in the conditions of AIDS and Cachexia. This hormone helps to enhance muscle density and since your body has the power to develop new muscle cells, the development and maintenance of lean muscle is also easy.

The contribution of HGH in AIDS muscle wasting

When your body is affected with AIDS, the condition when your body experiences at least 10% weight loss is known as AIDS wasting. This wasting may cause fat cut down and also muscle deterioration. Though there are a number of reasons why patients lose weight in AIDS, yet the most important of all is lack of proper nutrition. Most of the drugs are nauseating and cause diet loss. Another reason is that poor nutrient absorption causes the loss in mass. Patients suffering from AIDS have fueling metabolism rate and thus they have to take in greater number of calories to prevent muscle wasting. Other factors may include misbalanced secretion of hormones thereby leading to increased sugar levels in the body. All these causes affect the body weight of AIDS patients and wasting beyond a certain level can be fatal.